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For this tenth episode, Seth and Mark decided to have a little fun and stray from the modus operandi of the first nine episodes of The Boiling Frog. Just for fun, our hosts make this episode a series of diatribes, fulfilling the expectations of Seth’s wife who, when first told about our idea for a podcast, asked “what are you going to call it…the angry rantings of two old white men?”

This special episode is a fun and mostly light discussion about our hosts’ personal pet peeves, some rooted in issues discussed in previous podcasts and some just random rantings of old white privileged men. Issues discussed range from the sublime (making capitalism more efficient) to the ridiculous (names on football uniforms).

If you have your own pet peeve you’d like to share, please send us a note as we’d love to read it!

Key Terms Used

Arbitrage, Externality, Friction (economic), Rational Decisions, Risk, Starting Point Bias

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