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What Is the Boiling Frog?Why we call this site The Boiling Frog
Not as Laissez as You ThinkAn overview of the preconditions and failures of capitalism
The Tautological ExternalityThe need to distinguish between real externalities and fake ones
The Omnipresent Prisoner's DilemmaHow a very simple concept in game theory is everywhere
Olbert’s LawsA collection of life observations and whimsical rules
Lessons from School Board ServiceReflections upon concluding eight years of school board service
Hindsight Bias and the Gun Debate FallacyHow we frame the discussion around guns incorrectly
The Problem with NamingHow naming buildings and facilities may have more perils than benefits
The Inherent Corruption of ConservatismWhy trying to hold on to the status quo is an inherently corrupting exercise
Nothing Is "Away" From The ClassroomDebunking the often held bifurcation when making cost cuts in a school district
The Stealth Rating Agency TaxWhy taxpayers should be paying a lower interest rate on General Obligation bonds
The Myth of Waste, Fraud, and AbuseThe hollow and often hypocritical critique of public schools and government
How To Cleverly Gut the 15th AmendmentA sad example of how "originalism" can be used to subvert Constitutional provisions
A New of Bill of Rights Would Extend Our Useful Life10 New Amendments to the Constitution that can save America