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For the tenth episode, your favorite pond dwellers decided to take a break from the normal, big-picture, topic-based discussions and instead shared their personal pet peeves, including both important as well as some silly issues.

This twentieth episode is also a diversion from the normal format, but your amphibious friends decided to do the “opposite” of pet peeves – in this case talk about reasons to be hopeful about the future. This was certainly a challenging discussion as previous podcast discussions could lead all of us to be very pessimistic about the fate of American democracy and our planet.

But there are definitely reasons why it’s fair to hope – and even expect – that the future may be brighter and better than we might think it will be today. Seth and Mark each go through five areas which have the potential to lead to much better futures than we might currently expect, and discuss why there is reason to be optimistic. And unlike the pet peeves, these are all substantial issues! 

If you have your own reason to be hopeful that you’d like to share, please send us a note as we’d love to read it!

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