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Red, White, & True – part deux

The Red, White, & True podcast just published part two if the interview that the host, Chesney Evert, had with the two of us. This second part of our discussion is Episode 8 of her podcast where we talked about how the two us debate issues internally, our conflicts with other local officials, and the need to bring back critical thinking and honest debates to politics, both locally and nationally.

Thanks again to Chesney for the conversation! You can listen to the podcast on the ScotScoop website (the Carlmont student-run journalism website) or on Spotify.

Dramatic Statement of the Obvious

This will come as no surprise to listeners of The Boiling Frog podcast (especially those who listened to Jumping to Conclusions), but this Stanford University study is yet another in a never ending list of research that confirms that we are not protected by owning a gun — quite the opposite. As the first line states, “people who live with a handgun owner are at far greater risk of dying by homicide than those who don’t.” And as you’ll see in the article, the feeble attempt by a gun rights advocate to criticize the study is laughable.

Listen to Jumping to Conclusions to understand why.

Red, White, & True

Mark and I were interviewed last week by Chesney Evert, who is a junior in the journalism program at Carlmont High School in Belmont, California (one of the local high schools in our regional district). She has her own podcast called Red, White, & True, which is focused on navigating the world of polarized, partisan politics. On the podcasts, she interviews guests and discusses issues such as conservatism, progressivism, feminism, wokeness, and many other political issues facing our country.

We had such a long and fun discussion that Chesney decided to break up our interview into two parts – the first part of our discussion is Episode 7 of her podcast where we talked about how we both got into politics, our goals in being public officials, and our views on privilege and how it played a role in our life (in business and otherwise).

Both Mark and I were very impressed with Chesney’s thoughtfulness and passion around these issues, and the discussion probably made us a bit more hopeful that the younger generation is looking at so many of these complicated issues with clear eyes and good critical thinking skills.

We look forward to hearing Part 2 on her podcast, where we will discuss our views on conservatism (and perhaps some people we’ve known while serving in public office) as well as advice for people who are looking to get involved in public service.

You can listen to the podcast on the ScotScoop website (the Carlmont student-run journalism website) or on Spotify. Thanks for all the great work Chesney, and thanks for inviting us on your podcast. We had a lot of fun!